Affiliated Faculty

Roselle Abraham, Assistant Professor of Medicine | SOM Cardiology

Theodore Abraham, Associate Professor of Medicine | SOM Cardiology

Dan Arking, Associate Professor | SOM Medicine-Cardiovascular

Mohamed Atta, Associate Professor | SOM Nephrology

Peter Barker, Professor | SOM Radiology and Radiological Science

Michael Beer, Assistant Professor | SOM Biomedical Engineering

Melania Bembea, Assistant Professor | SOM Pediatric Anesthesiology

Seth Blackshaw, Professor | SOM Neuroscience

Michael Boland, Assistant Professor | SOM Ophthalmology

Vincenzo Casolaro, Assistant Professor | SOM Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Janice Clements, Professor | SOM Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology

Noah Cowan, Associate Professor | Mechanical Engineering

Nathan Crone, Associate Professor | SOM Neurology

Garry Cutting, Professor | SOM Pediatrics

Elana Fertig, Assistant Professor | SOM Oncology Biostatistics

Donniell Fishkind, Associate Research Professor | Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Paul Fuchs, Professor | SOM Otolaryngology

Barry Gordon, Professor | SOM Neuro Cognitive Neurology

Allan Gottschalk, Associate Professor | SOM Neuro Anesthesiology

Jeff Gray, Professor | Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Christophe Jouny, Assistant Professor | SOM Neurology

Alison Klein, Associate Professor | SOM Oncology

Dara Kraitchman, Professor | Radiology and Radiological Science

John Krakauer, Professor | SOM Neurology

Albert Lardo, Associate Professor | SOM Biomedical Engineering

Ronald Lesser, Professor | SOM Neuro Epilepsy

Joao Lima, Professor | SOM Radiology and Radiological Science

Martin Lindquist, Professor | Department of Biostatistics

Katarzyna Macura, Associate Professor |  Radiology and Radiological Science

Anirban Maitra, Professor | SOM Pathology

Luigi Marchionni, Assistant Professor | SOM Oncology

Jack Morava, Professor | Department of Mathematics

Beth Murinson, Associate Professor | SOM Neuromuscularity

Daniel Naiman, Professor | Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Saman Nazarian, Associate Professor | SOM Cardiology

Ernst Niebur, Professor | SOM Neuroscience

Kenichi Oishi, Assistant Professor | SOM Radiology-Magnetic Research

Brian O’Rourke, Professor | SOM Cardiology

Youngser Park, Associate Research Scientist | Center for Imaging Science

Petros Karakousis, Associate Professor | SOM Infectious Diseases

Andrea Prosperetti, Professor | Medical Engineering

Stuart Ray, Professor | SOM Infectious Diseases

Daniel Robinson, Assistant Professor | Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Christopher Ross, Professor | SOM Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Dorry Segev, Associate Professor | SOM Transplant Surgery

Sean Sun, Associate Professor | Mechanical Engineering

Reid Thompson, Associate Professor | SOM Pediatrics

Gordon Tomaselli, Professor | SOM Cardiology

Christian Tomasetti, Assistant Professor | SOM Oncology

Leslie Tung, Professor | Biomedical Engineering

Peter Van Zilj, Professor | SOM Radiology and Radiological Science

Victor Velculescu, Professor | SOM Oncology

Katherine Wu, Associate Professor | SOM Medicine

Wei Yu, Research Associate | SOM Oncology Center Support Services

David Zee, Professor | SOM Vestibular Neurology

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