ICM faculty Natalia Trayanova and Felilim Mac Gabhann featured in Top 10 WSBM Articles


Both Dr. Natalia Trayanova and Dr. Feilim Mac Gabhann of the Institute for Computational Medicine are currently featured on Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology & Medicine’s list of the top ten Articles. The list is a collection of the top cited publications published by the journal.

“Although the new journal WIREs Systems Biology and Medicine has been in existence only since July 2009, its impact factor is already 2.941. The journal gives credit to the top cited publications on their website, two of which are from ICM, underscoring the importance of our Institute to the field of computational biology and medicine” said Dr. Trayanova.

To view Dr. Trayanova’s publication, click here.
To view Dr. Mac Gabhann’s publication, click here.
View the full list on WIREs Systems Biology & Medicine site.

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