New Fall Course: Statistical Models in Molecular Medicine


Professor Donald Geman of the Institute for Computational Medicine, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and Center for Imaging Science, Johns Hopkins University will be offering a new course this fall, Statistical Models in Molecular Medicine (EN.550.650)

As stated in the course announcement, “Computational systems biology has emerged as the dominant framework for analyzing high-dimensional ‘omics’ data in order to uncover the relationships among molecules, networks and disease. In particular, many of the core methodologies are based on statistical modeling, including machine learning, stochastic processes and statistical inference. We will cover the key aspects of this methodology, including measuring associations, testing multiple hypotheses, and learning predictors, Markov chains and graphical models. In addition, by studying recent important articles in cancer systems biology, we will illustrate how this approach enhances our ability to annotate genomes, discover molecular disease networks, detect disease, predict clinical outcomes, and characterize disease progression. Whereas a solid foundation in probability and statistics is necessary, no prior exposure to molecular biology is required (although helpful) and the course may be accessible to advanced undergraduates.”

This course will be available in the first semester of AY14/15. We encourage interested students to check the JHU Course Schedule or ISIS, for further information as it becomes available.


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