Dr. Karchin Co-Launches PLOS Focus Feature


Rachel KarchinDr. Rachel Karchin, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and ICM core faculty member, and Dr. Ruth Nussinov, Senior Investigator at the National Cancer Institute, have launched a PLOS Computational Biology Focus Feature entitled Genome Landscapes and Phenotype Predictions of Disease. The purpose of this web-based collection of articles is to “highlight strategies to predict the phenotypic disease consequences of human germline and somatic variation.”

The site represents PLOS Computational Biology’s third Focus Feature, the purpose of which is to allow researchers to assemble several related articles to encourage community engagement and discussion on a specific topic. With an introduction by Drs. Karchin and Nussinov, the site comprises a collection of papers that highlight key successes and limitations in this complex area of research and point to where progress is urgently needed.

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