Macauley Breault, ICM doctoral student, receives ARCS Scholarship


Macauley Breault, a PhD student in the lab of Sridevi Sarma, ICM core faculty member and associate professor of biomedical engineering, has been named a 2017-2018 Achievement Reward for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholarship recipient. This competitive scholarship provides funding for education-related expenses to outstanding graduate and undergraduate scholars who have high potential for significant impact in science, engineering, and medical research.

Macauley’s research focuses on building a brain network of non-motor regions that encode how movements are modulated using data collected from epileptic patients in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic. Macauley’s other research interest stems from personal experience. A sufferer of chronic pain, Macauley hopes to impact research in the field by constructing a model of the dorsal horn that takes into account how treatments such as neural stimulation affect pain regulation.


JHU - Institute for Computational Medicine