Alexandra Badiceanu awarded ICM’s Gakenheimer Fellowship


Alexandra Badiceanu has been named the Institute for Computational Medicine 2017-2018 David C. Gakenheimer Fellow. Alexandra, a 3rd year graduate student, works in the ICM lab of Natalia Trayanova, Murray B. Sachs Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

The Gakenheimer Fellowship provides support to a student conducting heart research in developing and advancing diagnostic methods such as detection, classification and treatment of rhythm disorders. As a recipient of this fellowship, Alexandra will receive funding towards her graduate stipend and will be invited to attend the Whiting School Fellowship Dinner in October, a celebration of the generosity of those who fund fellowships and the talented students who receive them.

This is the second time that Alexandra has received this honor. She was also the recipient of the 2016-2017 Gakenheimer award.

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