Suchi Saria, ICM Core Faculty Member, named to ’35 Innovators Under 35′ list

August 21, 2017

ICM core faculty member, Suchi Saria, is among the country’s most promising innovators in technology. Saria, assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, has been named to the annual MIT Technology Review list of 35 Innovators Under 35 for creating algorithms hospitals can use to identify sepsis in patients.

Sepsis, the body’s response to infection, is a fast-moving and often fatal condition that is difficult for clinicians to diagnose and to spot early enough to provide treatments that can prevent harm. Because the condition can develop so quickly, hours can literally make a difference between life and death. Saria’s algorithms, which can predict septic shock by an average of more than a day before onset, can provide clinicians with the life-saving advantage of time to treat sepsis in patients.

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