Raimond Winslow, Director of ICM, Featured in BME’s ‘Pioneers’ Video Series


Raimond Winslow, director of the Institute for Computational Medicine, was featured in the Department of Biomedical Engineering’s Pioneers video series for his innovative work in the field of computational medicine, an emerging discipline that employs quantitative models to understand, personalize and treat human disease.

Winslow, who founded The Institute in 2005, coined the phrase “Computational Medicine” and it was his interest in understanding heart disease from the perspective of quantitative models that led to the development of computational medicine as a discipline. In the video, “Pioneering Computational Medicine,” Winslow explains that computational medicine evolved to understand complex biological systems where intuition fails. By developing a computer model and personalizing the model using data for a specific patient, computational medicine can improve the diagnosis and treatment of the individual patient.

Winslow is the Raj and Neera Singh Professor in the department of biomedical engineering and his research which brings together engineering and medicine reflects the interdisciplinary nature of The Institute for Computational Medicine.


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