Changxin Lai receives the 2020 David C. Gakenheimer Fellowship


Changxin Lai, a PhD student in the department of biomedical engineering, has been awarded the Institute for Computational Medicine’s David C. Gakenheimer Fellowship for his research in the lab of Natalia Trayanova, professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, ICM core faculty member, and director of ADVANCE

 The Gakenheimer Fellowship which was established in 2013 by David C. Gakenheimer, provides a year of support to an ICM PhD student whose research aim is developing and advancing heart diagnostic methods. An alumnus of  The Whiting School of Engineering and pioneer in computational medicine, Gakenheimer is the principal developer of the Logion Caries Detector, an image analysis software program used in dental offices.

Changxin’s research focuses on developing machine learning and computational tools based on electrocardiogram and image data, to assist the diagnosis of arrhythmias and improve the electrophysiology intervention. He recently presented an overview of his research called, “More Electrocardiograms Are Not Necessarily Better,” at the ICM’s Virtual Retreat on October 9. 


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