Four ICM faculty research teams earn Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards


Four ICM faculty are among the 41 research endeavors that have been selected to receive support this year from Johns Hopkins University’s Discovery Awards program. Each project team is made up of members from at least two JHU entities who aim to solve a complex problem and expand the horizons of knowledge.

Altogether, the winning project teams—chosen from a record 274 proposals—include 136 individuals representing 11 Johns Hopkins entities. The winning ICM research endeavors are:

Algorithmic Development to Assess Shape and Functional Trajectory in Subcortical Structures in Hippocampal-Sparing Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation in Limited- Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer– Siamak Ardekani (Engineering), Kristin Redmond (Medicine) & Laurent Younes (Engineering)

Boosting Progressive Learning in Humans and Machines– Christopher Honey (Arts & Sciences) & Joshua Vogelstein (Engineering)

Decoding the Role of Gastric Biomechanics in Diabetes, Obesity, and Nutrition– Rui Ni (Engineering), Rajat Mittal (Engineering), Pankaj Jay Pasricha (Medicine), Jung-Hee Seo (Engineering), Michael Schweitzer (Medicine) & Jason Villano (Medicine)

Interrogation of the Impact of Selection and Competition on the Evolution of Human Pancreatic Cancer Precursor Lesions– Elana Fertig (Medicine), Rachel Karchin (Engineering) & Laura Wood (Medicine)

The full list of 2020 recipients and their projects is available on the Office of Research website.

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