Rajat Mittal wins APS Stanley Corrsin Award


Rajat Mittal, professor of Mechanical Engineering and a core faculty member in the Institute for Computational Medicine, has been chosen to receive the American Physical Society’s Stanley Corrsin Award.

This award, which recognizes particularly influential contributions to fundamental fluid dynamics, is being presented to Rajat “for seminal and visionary contributions to the development of immersed boundary methods, and for elegantly applying these methods to reveal the physics of a wide variety of fluid flows in complex geometries, including animal locomotion and heart flows.” 

His recent research has focused on active and passive control of flows, swimming and flying in animals, multiphysics modeling of heart murmurs, blood clots and heart valves, and the biomechanics of digestion.

He will receive the award at the 75th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics in November.


JHU - Institute for Computational Medicine