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Four ICM faculty research teams earn Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards


Four ICM faculty are among the 41 research endeavors that have been selected to receive support this year from Johns Hopkins University’s Discovery Awards program. Each project team is made up of members from at least two JHU entities who aim to solve a complex problem and expand the horizons of knowledge. Altogether, the winning project teams—chosen […]

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Three Students from ICM Receive Provost’s Undergraduate Research Awards


Three students have been granted PURAs, Provost’s Undergraduate Research Awards, for their research in the Institute for Computational Medicine. Established in 1993 with an endowment by the Hodson Trust, the PURA program was created to support and encourage Hopkins undergraduate students to engage in independent research, scholarly and creative projects. Each student will receive $3000 […]

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Joshua Vogelstein receives NSF CAREER Award


Joshua T. Vogelstein, assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and a member of the Institute for Computational Medicine, Center for Imaging Science, and the Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute, is a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Early CAREER Award, which recognizes early stage scholars with high levels of promise and excellence. Vogelstein’s research […]

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2019 Discovery Awards: Six ICM faculty awardees


Thirty-two interdisciplinary faculty teams across twelve Johns Hopkins institutions comprise the recipients of the 2019 Discovery Awards. Five of the winning project teams are led by ICM core faculty and a total of six ICM faculty members are awardees.  The winning ICM faculty projects are: A Platform for Brain-scale Imaging and Patterned Optogenetics at Cellular […]

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Joshua Vogelstein receives Schmidt Sciences Nascent Innovation Grant


Joshua Vogelstein, ICM core faculty member and assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering has been selected to receive a two-year, $250,000 Schmidt Science Nascent Innovation Grant grant. The grant was created by the Palo Alto, California-based Schmidt Family Foundation to support the innovative use of data science and technology in research projects that depart […]

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Open Connectome Project featured in JHU HUB


Monday’s release of the JHU HUB featured a collaborative project by Drs. Joshua Vogelstein, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and core faculty member of the Institute for Computational Medicine, and Randal Burns, professor of Computer Science. As stated on The Open Connectome Project website, the purpose of the site is to “reverse-engineer the brain one […]

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Two New Additions to ICM Core Faculty


The Institute for Computational Medicine is pleased to announce two recent additions to our core faculty. We’re confident that their professional and research contributions will further advance ICM’s mission to develop and apply individualized computational models of disease that enable physicians to deliver improved patient care. Please join us in welcoming the following distinguished colleagues: […]

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