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Vignesh Sadras, ICM undergraduate, receives STAR award


Vignesh Sadras, a biomedical engineering junior in the lab of ICM Director and Raj and Neera Singh Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Raimond Winslow, is among the 30 inaugural recipients of the Summer Training And Research Program (STAR) awards. The STAR program, sponsored by The Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research (HOUR), offers Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students a stipend so […]

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Walker’s Publication Makes Sparks Fly in the Winslow Lab


In this year’s final issue of Biophysical Journal, BME predoctoral student Mark Walker, a member of the Winslow lab, has achieved a rare trifecta. In addition to the publication of his article entitled “Superresolution Modeling of Calcium Release in the Heart”, the journal features his artistic rendering of a model Ca2+ spark on the cover, […]

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University launches The Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative (Hopkins inHealth)


The Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative (Hopkins inHealth) aims to develop and implement novel methods and tools to intelligently use information to individualize wellness, early disease detection, and more effective and affordable treatment. It is a University-wide, collaborative venture that is both visionary and pragmatic. The initiative builds on dramatic advances over recent years in […]

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Dr. Rachel Karchin promoted to Associate Professor with tenure


The Institute for Computational Medicine is pleased to announce that Dr. Rachel Karchin has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure effective July 1, 2013. Dr. Karchin holds appointments with the Institute for Computational Medicine, the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and the Department of Computer Science in the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, as […]

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Computational Simulation of Beating Human Heart Run on Sequoia Supercomputer


The Cardioid code divides the heart into a large number of manageable pieces, or subdomains. The development team used two approaches, called Voronoi (left) and grid (right), to break the enormous computing challenge into much smaller individual tasks. A November 14 article in ISGTW (The International Science Grid this Week) highlighted recent work carried out […]

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ICM faculty author new publication on the promise of computational medicine


Computational medicine, a fast-growing method of using sophisticated computer models to figure out how disease develops, promises a new era of personalized medicine. “We are poised at an exciting time in medicine,” writes Raimond L. Winslow, Director of the Johns Hopkins Institute of Computational Medicine and lead author on the Science Translational Medicine article “Computational […]

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ICM & ICTR successfully conclude first Symposium on Computational Medicine


Dr. Robert Siliciano of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine speaks at the first ICM-ICTR Symposium. On Monday, September 24, over 50 members of the Hopkins research community met in the Chevy Chase Conference Center at the newly constructed Zayed Tower, Johns Hopkins Hospital to hold the first Symposium on Computational Medicine. The goal of […]

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Paper in Biophysical Journal by An-Chi Wei featured as research highlight.


A new article entitled “Mitochondrial energetics, pH regulation, and ion dynamics: A computaional-experimental approach” from An-Chi Wei of Dr. Raimond Winslow’s lab was highlighted as a featured article in the June 22 issue of Biophysical Journal. In this published article, a computational model of mitochondrial energetics and ion dynamics was presented. With the collaboration with […]

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JMCC selects ICM paper for Virtual Special Issue on Calcium


A paper by Yasmin Hashambhoy, Joseph Greenstein, and Raimond Winslow has been selected for inclusion in a Virtual Special Issue of the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology on Calcium “enclosing a selection of outstanding contributions on the topic published over the past two years”. The paper selected is “Role of CaMKII in RyR leak, […]

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New Journal – Frontiers in Computational Physiology and Medicine


We are pleased to announce creation of a new journal named “Frontiers in Computational Physiology and Medicine”. The journal will be a forum for the publication of original, computational modeling studies that provide novel insights into the nature of physiological function in both health and disease. Frontiers in Computational Physiology and Medicine is a sub-specialty […]

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