Letter From Founding Director


Let me welcome you to a new era in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Over the past several years, extraordinary advances in modeling and computing technologies have opened the door to an array of possibilities that were previously beyond the reach of biomedical researchers. Today’s powerful computational platforms are allowing us to begin to identify, analyze, and compare the fundamental biological components and processes that regulate human diseases and their impact on the body.

The next step, then, is to harness the potential of these theoretical and computational tools and theory in a meaningful way – that is, to apply this “new medicine” to the exploration and treatment of many of our current diseases. This is the impetus behind the founding of the Institute for Computational Medicine.

The ICM marks the collaboration of two remarkable institutions, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Whiting School of Engineering. What has emerged from this unique collaboration is a new research institute with a vision that goes beyond the sum of its parts, supported by a unique range of talent and resources. For the first time, the ICM brings together leading investigators in engineering, mathematics, computational sciences, and biomedical research on a single mission – to employ theoretical and computational technologies to reveal the causes of some of the major diseases afflicting the world today.

In so doing, we have created a new discipline of scientific and medical research that we call “computational medicine.” As the first and largest research institute of its kind, the ICM applies this advanced discipline to a range of investigations, all of which focus on real-world health applications.

On our website, you will find many examples of the scientific advances and significant collaborative partnerships that have originated and flourished in ICM.

I invite you to become part of this bold endeavor, and to help advance the cause of computational medicine and the exciting promise it holds for improving countless lives. Please join us in this great adventure.


Raimond L. Winslow
Founding Director, The Institute for Computational Medicine

JHU - Institute for Computational Medicine