Affiliated Centers

CISCenter for Imaging Science

The overall goal of the Center for Imaging Science (CIS) is to participate in the worldwide establishment of the analytical models for image and pattern understanding analogous to the models generated in the Shannon era for communications and information transmission. CIS’ guiding principle is that, while the 20th century was focused on sensors for generating images, videos and multi-dimensional datasets, the fundamental challenge of the 21st century is the information extraction for the generation of the metadata of understanding. CIS achieves this goal by organizing an intradepartmental faculty focused on this fundamental challenge of the 21st century.


center for advanced modeling

The Johns Hopkins Center for Advanced Modeling (CAM) is a University-wide research center devoted to transformative synthetic modeling across the social, behavioral, and health sciences. CAM is based in extensive new space at the Johns Hopkins Mount Washington Campus, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. In addition to being a world leader in computational modeling, CAM is designed to be a welcoming and vibrant cross-roads for the whole university, and a place where students and faculty at all levels will come, to learn, to share ideas, and to brainstorm.



JHU - Institute for Computational Medicine