The Department of Biomedical Engineering is accepting applicants for the ASPIRE Postdoctoral Training Program.

Deadline: Nov. 30, 2018. Apply Here.


Our alumni are an integral part of the Institute for Computational Medicine’s extended community. They provide valuable insight to prospective and current students on their experiences in our academic programs and research in ICM labs, offer guidance on career development, and answer general questions about life at ICM.

At ICM’s annual retreat, a select group of alumni form our career panel, a forum for current students to gather first-hand information and ask questions about computational medicine career paths in industry, research, and academics.

Where are the now?

Several ICM alumni hold ‘R & D’ and leadership positions in the following companies and institutions:

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Broad Institute
Dow AgroSciences
Los Alamos National Lab
Massachusetts General Hospital
Medtronic Navigation
Jounce Therapeutics
OpenLink Financial
Philips Research
Sanofi-Aventis Inc.
St. Jude Medical
The Boston Consulting Group
United Health Group








And faculty positions in the following academic institutions:

Carleton University, Canada
Carnegie Mellon University
Johns Hopkins University
National University of Singapore
Taiwan University
University of Bordeaux, France
University of CA, San Diego
University of Cambridge, England
University of Connecticut


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