Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Engineering Lifelong Learning presents a new course, Advanced Topics in Precision Care Medicine. At Johns Hopkins Engineering Lifelong Learning, we are committed to supporting lifelong learning that is critical for success in today’s competitive environment.  

In a perspective article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Collins and Varmus state that “what is needed now is a broad research program to encourage creative approaches to precision medicine, test them rigorously, and ultimately use them to build the evidence base needed to guide clinical practice”. Computational Medicine (CM) is an emerging discipline that seeks to: develop mechanistic computational models of disease (modeling); methods for personalizing these models using data measured from individual patients (personalization); apply these personalized models to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease (application). The course faculty, as members of the Institute for Computational Medicine (ICM), believe that CM offers one pathway to precision medicine. They are committed to training the next generation of scientists, engineers, and physicians in this approach, and doing this across all educational levels.

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