Computational Anatomy Portal

The Computational Anatomy Portal provides access to the Atlases, Pipelines, Projects and Tools developed at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Imaging Science. Links are also provided to the Computational Anatomy Processing Portals.


CardioVascular Research Grid

The goal of the CardioVascular Research Grid (CVRG) is to facilitate research on heart disease through open-source informatics and data analysis tools, making it easier for researchers to manage, share, and analyze complex data collected in cardiovascular studies. Tools on the CVRG Portal include Galaxy (build workflows for analyzing data), XNAT-CVI (capture and analyze image data), Waveform (capture and analyze ECG data), Eureka Analytics (integrate clinical data), MICEE (enter minimum information about a CV electrophysiology experiment), and CAWorks (perform CV shape analysis.)

A full listing of tools developed with the support of the CVRG is available both below and on the CVRG website:

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