Internal Internships

Internships at the Institute for Computational Medicine (ICM) provide extended research experiences for visiting undergraduates who are interested in the development of quantitative approaches for understanding the mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of human disease through applications of mathematics, engineering and computational science. An internship at the ICM provides a significant research opportunity that can lead to authored publications, presentations at conferences, and a competitive advantage for students who pursue graduate programs and professional research-based careers.

The following undergraduate internship programs provide opportunities for visiting students from a wide range of cultural and academic backgrounds to work under the guidance of an ICM faculty member conducting academic research and scientific experimentation in computational anatomy, computational molecular medicine, computational physiological medicine, or computational healthcare.

  • The Internships for Undergraduate Scholars in Computational Medicine Program (IUSCMP) is a commuter program for students from the following local Maryland institutions/ scholar programs:

    The IUSCMP provides extended research opportunities with ICM core faculty members who specialize in areas such as computational cardiology, medical imaging, computational neuroscience, computational genomics and big data science.  A list of ICM faculty members and their research areas can be found here.

    Internships are available during the academic year and/or summer. Summer interns will spend 8-10 weeks working in an ICM lab and will receive a competitive stipend and commuting expenses. Students who choose an internship during the academic year will work with ICM faculty to determine the length of their internship based on their availability and may receive assistance with commuting expenses.

    Program participants are invited to enroll in JHU’s computational medicine courses through Baltimore Collegetown. Offered the first half of each fall semester, Introduction to Computational Medicine: Imagining (EN.580.431/631) covers computational anatomy. Offered the second half of each fall semester, Introduction to Computational Medicine: The Physiome (EN.580.433/633) covers computational physiological medicine.  Computational Molecular Medicine (EN.550.450), offered each spring semester, covers the application of statistical modeling and machine learning methods.

    Applicants must submit:

    • Completed and signed Visiting-Student-Application
    • Official transcript from the registrar’s office of their home institution
    • One letter of recommendation
    • A Personal Statement of Research Interests, less than or equal to two pages. Please include labs of possible interest and range of dates of availability.

    Completed application materials should be sent to  (Subject: Internship Application) or:

    Johns Hopkins University
    Institute for Computational Medicine
    3400 North Charles Street
    208 Hackerman Hall
    Baltimore, MD 21218

    The deadline for 2020 summer internship applications is February 14, 2021. Applications for internships during the academic year will be ongoing and will be considered as received.

    Applications will be reviewed and accepted applicants will be notified.

  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) seniors

    Through the Visiting Undergraduate Research Program, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) seniors are invited to work under the guidance of an ICM faculty member conducting academic research in computational anatomycomputational molecular medicinecomputational physiological medicine, or computational healthcare while completing their senior theses.

    To apply, interested seniors should contact the ICM faculty member of their interest. Upon receiving confirmation that a position is available, applicants must submit a CV and letter of motivation (addressed to the proposed Johns Hopkins ICM advisor) to Claudia Barnickel (  Once approved by FAU, applicants may complete the Visiting Student process through Johns Hopkins University.

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