Creating new pathways to the understanding of disease; building a University-wide momentum for collaborative, breakthrough research; and introducing new disciplines in medical research to accelerate study and results – these are the ambitious goals of the Institute for Computational Medicine. Achieving them will require the generous support of visionary private, governmental, and corporate partners.

Your gift to the ICM represents an entirely new and effective way of approaching philanthropy in that it underwrites key researchers and studies across all of Johns Hopkins. To support its facilities, people and research, you can choose to partner with the ICM in a number of ways.


An endowment is a gift that is held in perpetuity and provides dependable resources for the future. A critically important form of giving, an endowment blends the donor’s vision with the needs of the Whiting School and the ICM. Over time, it provides a dependable revenue stream to reduce reliance on external funding sources and allow us to invest more consistently in our people, programs, and facilities.

In particular, endowed fellowships are an outstanding investment in the careers of future leaders in engineering and computational medicine. By establishing an endowed fellowship, you will have the satisfaction of preparing the way and launching the careers of men and women who will be leaders in tomorrow’s world. The accomplishments of these professionals, as their careers unfold, is proof that your investment is well placed indeed.


Non-endowed gifts to the Fund will be used by our research team to explore areas of promise and potential for dramatically improved disease diagnosis. Donors can direct their gift to one of ICM’s core research areas:

For more information on giving, contact the Whiting School Development office at
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