Matthew Kerr, PhD












Current job title:   Senior Scientist, Dept. of Real-World Evidence and Digital Health
Institution:  Abbott
Degree, year of completion:  PhD in BME, 2016


Why did you choose to attend Johns Hopkins?

I chose to attend Hopkins because of its close association with the hospital system and positive external reviews.  My recruitment visit also went well.


Can you share any special memories from your time at JHU (in the classroom, lab, etc.)?

The many fun conversations with fellow students, not just about research, but also other facets of life.


How did you get interested in your current professional field? What interests or circumstance drew you to it?

I wanted a position that would make a positive impact and leverage my current skill set while preparing me effectively for the future.  The areas of real-world evidence and digital health seemed to be growing rapidly.


Please describe some of your career highlights.

Texas Tech Honors College member, NSF GRFP recipient, three-time ARCS Foundation Scholar, Whitaker International Scholar, and an affiliation with Trinity College at the University of Cambridge.


What are your most notable/interesting professional (and/or personal) accomplishments?

Personal accomplishment:  I have four kids, five years old and under, and they are still alive.


Do you have any advice to offer aspiring engineers?

If you don’t set priorities for your life and your career others will set them for you.


Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Fun fact:  I am the next to last of seven sons.


Do you still feel connected to the Hopkins community? Would you like to be more involved?

Yes and Yes


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