Foundations of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics II Poster Session

When: 05/02/2018 @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Where: Clark Hall, rm 110 (Homewood Campus)

This event hosted by Rachel Karchin, associate professor of Biomedical Engineering and ICM Core Faculty Member, features the final projects of the graduate and undergraduate students of Foundations of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics II (EN.580.488/688).[…]

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Rising Stars: Women 2018 Workshop

When: 11/15/2018 – 11/16/2018 all-day
Where: Clark Hall, 3rd floor (Homewood)

This Rising Stars in Biomedical career development workshop aims to bring together top female postdocs and senior graduate students whose research focuses on biomedical applications. The program includes technical talks, panels and discussions with faculty, researchers from Baltimore[…]

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