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Computational medicine: Translating models to clinical care F1000 prime recommended


The recent Journal Review article, “Computational medicine: translating models to clinical care”, published in the October 31 issue of Science Translational Medicine, has been recommended as being of special significance in its field by John Jeremy Rice and Raquel Norel from the F1000 Faculty. From F1000: “The review covers a large range of computational approaches, […]

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Dr. Fijoy Vadakkumpadan awarded AHA National Scientist Development Grant


Dr. Fijoy Vadakkumpadan, Assistant Research Professor of the Institute for Computational Medicine and Department of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, has been awarded the American Heart Association National Scientist Development Grant. This grant supports highly promising beginning scientists in their progress toward independence by encouraging and adequately funding research projects that can bridge the […]

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Computational Simulation of Beating Human Heart Run on Sequoia Supercomputer


The Cardioid code divides the heart into a large number of manageable pieces, or subdomains. The development team used two approaches, called Voronoi (left) and grid (right), to break the enormous computing challenge into much smaller individual tasks. A November 14 article in ISGTW (The International Science Grid this Week) highlighted recent work carried out […]

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ICM faculty author new publication on the promise of computational medicine


Computational medicine, a fast-growing method of using sophisticated computer models to figure out how disease develops, promises a new era of personalized medicine. “We are poised at an exciting time in medicine,” writes Raimond L. Winslow, Director of the Johns Hopkins Institute of Computational Medicine and lead author on the Science Translational Medicine article “Computational […]

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ICM & ICTR successfully conclude first Symposium on Computational Medicine


Dr. Robert Siliciano of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine speaks at the first ICM-ICTR Symposium. On Monday, September 24, over 50 members of the Hopkins research community met in the Chevy Chase Conference Center at the newly constructed Zayed Tower, Johns Hopkins Hospital to hold the first Symposium on Computational Medicine. The goal of […]

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Dr. René Vidal receives IAPR J.K. Aggarwal Prize


Prof. René Vidal has been awarded the 2012 J.K. Aggarwal Prize. This prize is awarded every two years in recognition of a technical contribution of far-reaching significance and impact on the field of pattern recognition or its closely allied fields by a young investigator under 40 years of age. Prof. Vidal has been awarded this […]

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Jason Constantino receives a 2013 Siebel Scholarship


Jason Constantino, a Graduate Student in the lab of Dr. Natalia Trayanova, has been awarded a 2013 Siebel Scholarship. Students are nominated for the Siebel Scholarship on the basis of academic and research excellence and leadership activity during their graduate school career. The scholarship itself is $35,000 to supplement the student’s stipend in their final […]

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ICM to host Symposium on Computational Medicine


The Institute for Computational Medicine and Institute for Clinical and Translational Research will be hosting a Symposium on September 24, 2012 to showcase the latest research in the field of Computational Medicine. Discussions will include the development of experimentally-based computer models that describe perturbed molecular networks, physiology and anatomy in disease, uses for these models […]

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